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Middle East’s largest Oil & Gas conference for Static Equipments.
APRIL 6th - 8th 2021, DUBAI, UAE


3rd Annual Middle East Static Equipment Engineering & Maintenance Conference and Showcase 2021

ME STATIC will be a high net worth technical conference with the latest equipment and technology available in the market to showcase the importance of the current need today and to adapt the cost-effective methods that will enlighten the end users and operators. The program will forage a wide range of topics distinguished by the subject matter experts to feature Engineering, design standards with Maintenance & Reliability as a special focus due to the sheer number of dwindling equipment and quantity of stored fluid in refineries or a petrochemical facility.

Mamdouh Al Aidarous

ME STATIC 2021 Executive Technical Chairman
Engineering Consultant
Saudi Aramco

“This will be the first international multi-disciplinary, inter-society oil and gas conference and exhibition to be held in UAE. Dubai, with some of the world’s largest oil reserves, occupies a unique position at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, making it a fitting location for one of the largest and most prestigious international conferences for Static Equipments.”

Theme 2021:

Static Equipment

Current Challenges

& Future Solutions.

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Our advisory board consists of top technology experts and some of the brightest minds globally who play a critical role in the development of agendas, effective conference sessions design and cutting-edge content creation.

The place to obtain valuable know how - TOPICS

The premier static equipment event gathering is a driving force behind technological progress to address the needs of end user and towards more efficient and reliable equipment which will improve the overall productivity of plants / organizations.

Innovations Driving the Transformation of Industry

Innovations Driving the Transformation of Industry.

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Service Providers

Service Providers support the maintenance and repair of the equipment’s thereby improving the performance and uptime of equipments.

Equipment Manufacturers

The manufacturers play a major role in continually evolving the equipments according to the needs of the end user and the industry.

Static Equipment Engineers

They are the end users of static equipments. Be it for the equipment manufacturers, the R & D professionals or service providers; static equipment improvement requirements cannot be better explained by anybody else.

Reliability Professionals Efficiency

Reliability Professionals Efficiency of any plant depends on the availability of the equipment with less downtime. A strong reliability team plays a major role to ensure maximum uptime for equipments

R & D / Scientists / Standards Professionals

They set the standards for the equipment design, technology. They are the ones whose efforts brings in the improvements in the equipments.

Maintenance professionals

For a longer life of the equipment, proper maintenance is required for the equipments. Without them, the equipment will not run long.

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Why ME STATIC 2021



IN The Emirates.

An industrial giant returns to its former strength

Saudi Arabia being the emerging market followed by many common wealth countries in the world, after initiating the gate way for international trade opportunities and identified as the top destination globally for foreign direct investment, surpassing international market.

Saudi Arabia being one of the fastest growing economy in the world with the rate of 4.5% and it can play a major role in providing strength to global economy that is facing a slowdown.

Saudi Arabia as a leading industrialized region is selected for the Kingdom Opex 2019, we welcome you to one of the world’s largest growing economy