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On Behalf of the Executive committee we are pleased to invite you for the “Third Annual Middle East Static Equipment Engineering & Maintenance Conference and Showcase”. A dedicated and prestigious event for the Oil, Gas & Energy Industry, which will commence on 15th to 17th September 2020, Dubai, United Arab Emirates ME Static will be a high net worth technical conference with the latest equipment technology & innovation in the market to showcase the importance of the current need and to adapt the cost-effective methods that will enlighten the end users and operators. The program will forage a wide range of topics distinguished by the subject matter experts to feature Engineering, design standards with Maintenance & Reliability as a special focus due to the sheer number of dwindling equipment and quantity of stored fluid in refineries and a petrochemical facility. The necessity to upgrade/replace will connect manufacturing, Commissioning, and processing experts, both regionally and internationally around the wider world to address the best practices and to implement the appropriate service providers We hereby invite you to attend this premier initiative as Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors, and contributing delegates to make this a truly valuable exchange for our industry, and we encourage you to participate in the Third Annual Middle East Static Equipment Engineering and Maintenance Conference 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and we wish you a very successful knowledge sharing and business networking event.

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A "Must Attend" Premier industrial event in the region.


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The place to obtain valuable know how - TOPICS

The premier static equipment event gathering is a driving force behind technological progress to address the needs of end user and towards more efficient and reliable equipment which will improve the overall productivity of plants / organizations.

Innovations Driving the Transformation of Industry

Innovations Driving the Transformation of Industry.

The risks from static equipment are much more compared to other equipment categories due to the large number of equipment parts and amount of contained fluid. In a typical petrochemical or refining facility, a substantialshare of the maintenance / capital cost and failures or reliability events are linked with static equipment

A significant proportion of industry incidents which have resulted in asset loss or injuries have also been associated to static equipment.

Engineering Analysis, Design and Standards

- Heat Exchangers

- Pressure Vessels


- Valves

- Boilers

- Piping

- Storage Tanks

- Furnaces / Heaters

- Columns & Reactors

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Metallurgy & Materials, Welding & Fabrication

Safe Installation

Construction & Replacement

Asset Integrity, Reliability Management and Advanced Techniques

Health & Safety

Apm – Asset Performance Management


Data Management Programs (Sap, Etc.)

Risk Assessment & Management

Corrosion Monitoring & Control

Inspection & Non-destructive Testing

Equipment Protection & Coating

Engineering Failure Analysis

Cleaning & Maintenance

Preventive, Predictive & Proactive Maintenance

Package Boilers re-tubing

Distillation Column Inspection & Maintenance

Static equipment online Inspection technology

Plate Heat Exchangers in place cleaning

Pressure Relief Valves on line testing

Root Cause Analysis

Sustainability for Continuous Growth

Asset Ageing Assessment & Optimization

Performance Improvement in Maintenance and Reliability

Maintenance and Turnaround Management

Management & Optimization of Spare Parts

Life Cycle Cost

Reliability Methodology (RCM,RIS & RBI)

Operation, Maintenance and Technical Competency

Engineered Repair & Overhaul

Technology & Innovation

Preventive, Predictive & Proactive Maintenance

Engineered Repair & Overhaul Technology & Innovation

Who will you meet?

Service Providers

Service Providers support the maintenance and repair of the equipment’s thereby improving the performance and uptime of equipments.

Equipment Manufacturers

The manufacturers play a major role in continually evolving the equipments according to the needs of the end user and the industry.

Static Equipment Engineers

They are the end users of static equipments. Be it for the equipment manufacturers, the R & D professionals or service providers; static equipment improvement requirements cannot be better explained by anybody else.

Reliability Professionals Efficiency

Reliability Professionals Efficiency of any plant depends on the availability of the equipment with less downtime. A strong reliability team plays a major role to ensure maximum uptime for equipments

R & D / Scientists / Standards Professionals

They set the standards for the equipment design, technology. They are the ones whose efforts brings in the improvements in the equipments.

Maintenance professionals

For a longer life of the equipment, proper maintenance is required for the equipments. Without them, the equipment will not run long.

Static Equipment Current Challenges & Future Solutions

The Largest Event in the Middleeast for Static Equipment held on April 24th - 26th 2019 at Sofitel The Palm, Dubai, UAE

“Excellent opportunity to meet with important industry players both regionally and globally, to share views on the evolution, challenges and opportunities of the market, in a broad and structured discussion where the fundamental issues were addressed.”

Richard Walton, Engineering Director

ASL Group
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