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Mossaed Al Awwad

Engineering Consultant


Not Available

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Dhawi Al-Otaibi

Chairman, Heat Transfer Equipment Standards Committee

Eman Ibrahim Al Hammadi

Senior Engineer Mechanical (Static) Technical Center, Engineering Division

Merhane Kamel

Senior Specialist (Static) Engineering Division

Juma Al Maskari

Vice President, Distribution

Mubarak Alomar

Board Member

Hassan Zakari

General Manager, Reliability

Omar El Sinnary

Team Leader Corrosion & Metallurgy

Naif S Al-Mindil

Sr. Manager, Inspection Department

Kamal Al Rafaie

Quality & Performance Division Manager

Mohammed Khorsheed

Innovation Expert

Uboud Al-Ghamdi

Sr. Manager, Turnaround & Major Maintenance

Marwan Al Shamsi

Manager Asset Integrity

Nadhir I. Al Nasri

Piping Specialist Chairman

Hamza Al Khateeb

Chairman, HVAC Standards Committee

Mohamed Elsayed

Maintenance planning Manager

Asma Al Fahim

Mechanical Engineer

Mariam Al Hosani

Mechanical Engineer

Duaa Saleh Alkatheeri

Engineer, Mechanical Technical Center (Engineering)

Ameirah Rashed Zeyoudi

Engineer, Mechanical Technical Center (Engineering)

Bora Aydin

Business Development Manager

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Thanks to an overwhelming response from our participants, we have decided to move to a bigger venue in Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to accommodate everyone!

Details to be announced shortly!